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My Latest NFT Projects

I have fractionalized various investments which usually require a larger capital and have a higher entry barrier, allowing my community members to participate in the NFT projects I have built. These are vetted avenues of investments which have real source of revenue and aim to be sustainable in the long run. This is a great way to get started with your Passive Income journey as these NFTs can be minted with your Credit Card. The entire process is very simple and pretty much hands-free.

WarBot NFTs

Warbots are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that represent a unique trading bot. Each Warbot is programmed to execute trades based on the trading capital utilized from minting each NFT, earning the NFT Owner an average of 7% returns per month. Unlike traditional investments, Warbots work for you 24/7, earning you passive income even when you're sleeping.

Amazon Reviews NFT

Amazon Reviews NFT offers a passive income opportunity through their Done-For-You Program. By owning NFTs priced at $500 each, investors can receive 90% of commissions generated from Amazon product sales resulting from video reviews. The company aims to reach $5,000 in monthly commissions after 6 months.

Amazon Empires NFT

Amazon Empires presents limited edition NFTs priced at $500 each, with a maximum of 700 available. Holders receive 50% of profits from goods purchased with investment funds, distributed via airdrop. The investment is exclusively used for inventory purchases through BuyRise (Ranking In the Top 3.5% of Sellers on Anticipated quarterly profit returns on inventory range from 20-30%.

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